Our Lady Peace Return In Record Time

Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace, coming off a tour in August, already have finished recording their fourth album.

Spiritual Machines will be released in Canada on December 12 and in the United States in February, according to a spokesperson for the Canadian arm of Sony Music. An as-yet unnamed single will be released on November 15 in Canada.

Our Lady Peace, fronted by singer Raine Maida, first topped the Canadian charts in 1997 with the hit single "Superman's Dead," and went on to score international success with such songs as "One Man Army" and "Is Anybody Home?," from their third album, Happiness ... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch.

Spiritual Machines will be on shelves just 14 months after the release of Happiness. Quick turnarounds aren't new to the band. While there was a gap between the group's debut, 1994's Naveed, and their second album, Clumsy (1997), the band began writing and recording Happiness

just two weeks after coming off their tour supporting Clumsy.

This time around, OLP wrapped up their Happiness touring cycle with the cross-Canada Summersault jaunt in mid-August (see "Our Lady Peace Taps Foos, Pumpkins For Summersault"), entered a Toronto studio with producer Arnold Lanni in September and were finished by mid-October.

The new album's title is from a book called "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," by Ray Kurzweil, who also provides some spoken-word dialogue on the record.

Spiritual Machines will include an appearance by Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, taking over from Jeremy Taggart — who had suffered a leg injury after being mugged — on two songs, the Sony spokesperson said. Cameron, in Toronto performing with Pearl Jam in early October, had a day off and finished the tracks.

Taggart and Cameron also recently

shared percussion duties on Rush singer Geddy Lee's pending solo album, My Favourite Headache.