Beth Orton Talks About Getting Help With "Stolen Car"

After garnering critical raves with her 1997 debut album "Trailer Park," Beth Orton is once again turning heads with her sophomore effort, "Central Reservation."

This time out, Orton is taking her music to the masses with a slot on the Lilith Fair and a video from acclaimed film director Hal Hartley. The man behind art-house gems like "Henry Fool" and "Flirt" assumed the director's chair for "Stolen Car," the first video from "Central Reservation."

"Hal Hartley was just brilliant to work with," Orton told MTV News recently. "I just kind of let him direct me, which was great. To be directed by Hal Hartley, it's a kind of dream come true... Basically, I got back from being on tour and I had really bad jetlag and I'd wake up at 5 every morning and watch videos. I brought out 'Amateur' and I watched that, and that was it. For the rest of the week I just watched every Hal Hartley film going, and I was

just, like, amazed. It felt like one of those situations where you're being spoken to directly, or when someone's singing and they're looking right at you, like, 'He's looking at me!' That's how I felt, like Hal Hartley was looking right at me. It was weird." [RealVideo]

Apparently the union worked, as the video is currently enjoying heavy exposure on VH1. If you'd like to catch Orton on stage, she will be with the Lilith Fair from July 8 through 17 (for the complete Lilith Fair itinerary, check out "Sarah McLachlan, Monica Talk Lilith As Dates Are Set").