Operation Ivy Gets Its Due

August 4 [12:00 EDT] -- Operation Ivy, the band that many credit with bringing the two great tastes of ska and punk together, are about to be revisited.

The Long Beach Dub All Stars, the Blue Meanies, and Reel Big Fish are among the bands that will pay tribute to Op Ivy on "Take Warning - The Songs of Operation Ivy," which is due to hit stores on August 26.

Operation Ivy was forged in the Berkeley, California punk scene, but showed an equal affinity for Two Tone Records' stable of ska acts. After releasing one full-length album, and a slew of singles and EP's, Operation Ivy called it quits in 1989, paving the way for band members Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman to form Rancid.

While the band packed it in more than eight years ago, they remain a heavy influence on the burgeoning world of ska-punk, and now the band's that they helped to inspire will take a crack at the material they love. Here's how the track listing breaks down:

  • Reel Big Fish - "Unity"

  • Long Beach Dub All Stars - "Take Warning"
  • Homegrown - "Bombshell"
  • Blue Meanies - "Yellin' In My Ear"
  • The Hippos - "Freeze Up"
  • Teen Heroes - "Smiling"
  • Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "Sound System"
  • My Superhero - "Big City"
  • Longfellow - "The Crowd"
  • Jeffries Fan Club - "Healthy Body"
  • Pocket Lent - "Bank Shot"
  • Marshall Arts - "Bad Town"