Onyx Acts Up On Film

Not only does Onyx have a new LP, "Shut Em Down," on the way next month (see "Onyx Campaigns To 'Shut Em Down' On New LP"), members of the rap trio also have thriving film careers.

Fredro Starr has a role a new film that opens Friday called "Ride."

"'Ride,'" describes the rapper, "It's about a bunch of ghetto kids goin' down to Miami under the supervision of a young lady who doesn't fit in. She's not from the ghetto. And at the end of the story, it just shows you how different people can kinda' act and be as one."

"'All We Got Is Us,'" continues Starr, "that was our second album. And so all we got is us, we know who us is. Basically the movie "Ride" is kinda' like that. It's just all we got is us. We all the same, you know what I mean, for real" [400k QuickTime].

Sticky Fingaz, who has already had a role in "Dead Presidents" and he and Starr shared billing

with Spike Lee's "Clockers," is going to be in video director Hype Williams' debut feature film, "Belly," due out later this year.

Sticky explains the movie's concept, "It's a street movie, just like me, I'm a street head. We make street music, we do street movies. But at the same time, we tryin' to show the world that we can broaden our horizons and broaden our parts. Like, the part I'm playin', Justice, the street cat. I'm tryin' to move onto other roles where it's not, you know what I'm sayin...'"

"Stereotypes," Starr interjects.

"Exactly," Sticky elaborates. "Tryin' to do roles that I wouldn't normally do so people say, 'Oh, he's an actor. He's nice" [800k QuickTime].