Onyx's Sticky Fingaz A Nuisance In New Film

Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest and Stick Fingaz of Onyx, whose new album, "Shut 'Em Down," crashed the Billboard Top 10 this week, are in the midst of exploring acting roles, and both have joined the cast of a new film, "Love Goggles."

As we previously reported (see "Q-Tip, Sticky Fingaz To Wear 'Love Goggles'"), the independent film directed by Anthony Travis is currently shooting in and around New York City, and Sticky Fingaz, who was also in "Ride," recently talked with MTV News about his and Tip's parts in the movie.

"It was cool," Sticky Fingaz said of working on the film, "I met with the director, Tony Travis, and got a cool little cameo part up in the film. It was hot. Q-Tip, he plays this guy named Climax, who's onstage hosting this whole club. I was this nuisance guy who used to always call up one of the lead characters, and it was cool. To me, the film is like a more funny 'Love Jones.'

[1MB QuickTime] More up to date, too."

Q-Tip and Tribe will perform this Sunday at the Beastie Boys' third annual Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, D.C. You can catch a full report on the shows Sunday at 10 P.M. on this week's "Ultra Sound" special.

As we previously reported (see "For DMX, Onyx, Def Squad ..."), Onyx will launch the Survival of the Illest Tour with DMX and the Def Squad on June 16 in Roanoke, Virginia.