Sticky Fingaz Goes On Trial For Solo Debut

Former Onyx rapper and sometimes hip-hop calendar boy Sticky Fingaz is now recording his first solo album, titled "Black Trash."

The album, Sticky's first full-length effort since Onyx's 1998 "Shut 'Em Down," features an all-star guest lineup that includes Redman, Canibus, Rah Digga, Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon, and R&B singer Dave Hollister. As Sticky recently explained to MTV News, all of the aforementioned artists pitch in on a track that puts sticky himself on trial.

"They on the same song," Sticky said of his collaborators. "See, what it is, the song that they on is called 'The State vs. Kurt Jones.' I'm playing Kurt Jones and I'm on trial for my life for some other stuff, know what I'm saying."

"Canibus is the prosecuting attorney, Redman is my attorney, Rah Digga's the judge. My man Perb is a witness. My man Raiden,

he's a witness. Well, they wasn't my mans (in the song) cause they was testifying against me. (The song is) crazy. I ain't even gonna tell you the outcome." [RealVideo]

During his hiatus from recording, Sticky Fingaz beefed up his acting resume with appearances in Ice Cube's "Next Friday," "In Too Deep" with L.L. Cool J, and in the current film "Black & White."

Sticky Fingaz’ "Black Trash" album will be out this summer.