Olive: Like An Extra Virgin

September 25 [12:00 EDT] -- After ten years in the new wave ensemble Simply Red, keyboardist Tim Kellett left the band to pursue his own musical ventures.

While he was briefly touring with old friends The Durutti Column, he heard a voice that intrigued him. Unknown singer Ruth-Ann Boyle had previously recorded vocal samples for The Durutti Column, and Kellett heard these vocal bits wafting out of his keyboard during the entire tour. He liked what he heard, and contacted Boyle to ask if she would come and sing on several tracks that he and partner Robin Taylor-Firth had been working on.

It turned out that Ruth-Ann Boyle was a big Simply Red fan, and was thrilled by the invitation. The resulting collaboration was a success, and the trio Olive was formed. Their debut album Extra Virgin, boasts a smash single "You're Not Alone" [1MB QuickTime] which has sold 500,000 copies in England thus far. In the British press, musical comparisons

hover around Everything But The Girl and Massive Attack.