Frustration Pushes Offspring's Dexter Into Director's Chair

November 4 [12:00 EDT] -- Offspring frontman Dexter Holland stepped behind the camera to handle directing duties on the band's latest video, "I Choose," [1.2MB QuickTime] but as the singer recently told MTV News, the move stemmed more from frustration than from a desire to be the next Spike Jonze.

"We've worked with a bunch of directors and you always get a bunch of treatments," Holland told MTV News while the band was in Austin, Texas for the MTV Sports and Music Festival. "They're like, 'O.K., the band sits in the bathroom while flying pigs with ballerina dresses on go by.' And you're like, 'Oh man.' [700k QuickTime] After a while you just go like, 'Man we kinda get the idea,' so we just went after it on this one."

Holland came up with the video's concept (a kid being chased through an airport by a security guard), and then shot the

video in one day.

You can try to catch the finished product, or you can spy the Offspring on MTV's Sports and Music Festival which airs this Friday at 8 p.m., and then continues Saturday at noon. Along with the Offspring, the Wu-Tang Clan, Crystal Method, 311, Smash Mouth, Reel Big Fish, and Everclear were there as well. Also on hand were around a hundred skateboarders, BMX bikers, inline skaters and snowboarders, all doing their thing.