Offspring Get "Pretty Fly" With Vanilla Ice At KROQ Show

The Offspring brought the recently-revived rapper Vanilla Ice onstage during its performance at last weekend's KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas benefit show in Los Angeles, figuring he'd be an apt choice to help out with their hit, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy."

The rapper also got to reprise his own, lone hit, "Ice Ice Baby," with the Offspring, and guitarist Noodles said that Ice was totally up for the mini-set, and turned out to be a "really cool guy."

"Well, we don't really know him," Noodles told MTV News, "but we have the line in the song that's on the radio right now, 'Pretty Fly,' about this kid wanting to buy a cool rap record and they 'Didn't have Ice Cube/so he got Vanilla Ice.'

"And we just thought it would be really funny for him to come out," he continued, "and we'd just do the spiel right then

and there. So, he was down with it and he agreed to join us and we're looking forward to it." [28.8 RealVideo]

The Offspring apparently had so much fun at the KROQ concert that vocalist Dexter Holland lost his voice, forcing the band to cancel a pair of dates scheduled for Sunday and Monday in San Diego, but the lead singer was expected to make a full recovery over the holiday season.