Offspring Can't Convince Chat Room Fans That They're The Real Deal

After touring Japan and Australia in September and early October, The Offspring returned to the U.S. last week to perform at the first annual ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards in Los Angeles, where they were named "Fave Alternative Artist."

The Offspring aren't expected to head back out on the road in North America until sometime in December, and they're currently working out an itinerary for a South American tour in November.

While on the road, the Offspring told MTV News that the band enjoys keeping in touch with its fans via the chat room located at the group's official Web site (

But as the members of the Offspring have discovered, sometimes the fans don't believe they're really interacting with the band.

"[We got online] last week we were on the road," guitarist Noodles explained to MTV News. "You know,

it's easier to do it while you're on the road. And we did [go in a chat room], and no one believed us. No one believed it was us."

"Yeah, I log on every day in our chat room as 'Dexter,'"
Dexter Holland said, "and [they] just wouldn't believe you. Just wouldn't believe us. And they asked questions that I don't even know, you know. Like, 'What did you play as the seventh song at your show in Warsaw, Poland in 1993?' It's like, 'Geez, I'm sorry, guys. I don't know the answer to that.' So they're like, 'See, I knew you weren't the real Dexter.'" [RealVideo]

The Offspring have just released the video for their new single, "She's Got Issues," and will be represented on the upcoming "Woodstock '99" album by the anthemic "Americana" track, "The Kids Aren't Alright."