The Offspring Backs MP3s, Slots "Irene" Single

A post on The Offspring's official Web site denies that the band is contemplating legal action against Napster.

The post comes in response to a report which attributed a comment to Howard King, the attorney representing both Metallica and Dr. Dre in their actions against the online music distribution aid, naming The Offspring as one of the acts currently considering taking legal action against Napster.

"At no time have we thought about or discussed taking any legal action against Napster," the band's post reads. "The suggestion that we would is a complete fabrication by an attorney. We have been very vocal about the spreading of MP3 files. We happen to be of the school of thought that it is nice to have more, not less fans."

The group also reveals its intent to post "several exclusive MP3 files in the very near future as a sign of how much we love our music getting into the hands of our fans."

According to the Web site, The Offspring

is currently writing songs and preparing to record its next album in singer Dexter Holland's new studio. The group expects to have the LP available by the end of this year.

The group's last release was a cover of Agent Orange's "Bloodstains," produced and mixed by Garbage drummer/studio wiz Butch Vig, for the "Ready To Rumble" soundtrack released earlier this month (see "Garbage Regroups In The Studio").

The band's next appearance, or at least Holland's, may well be on the witness stand. The singer has been subpoenaed to appear at the pending Dead Kennedys trial, which sees frontman Jello Biafra in litigation with his former bandmates over such issues as royalty payments. Holland is listed as an "expert witness" to testify on behalf of Biafra (see "Dead Kennedys Prepare To Square Off In Court").

Meanwhile, the group has recorded a cover of "Totalimmortal"

from AFI's 1999 "All Hallows" EP. The Offspring's version was produced and mixed by Vig for the soundtrack to "Me, Myself & Irene" starring Jim Carrey. The Offspring track will be the album's first single.

The soundtrack will also feature a number of artists performing covers of Steely Dan songs, including Smash Mouth, Wilco, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ivy, Ben Folds Five, The Push Stars, Billy Goodrum, and Marvelous 3.

The tracks on the album, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • The Offspring - "Totalimmortal"
  • Smash Mouth - "Do It Again"
  • Wilco - "Any Major Dude Will Tell You"
  • Ivy - "Only A Fool Would Say That"
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra - "Bodhisattva"
  • The Push Stars - "Bad Sneakers"
  • Marvelous 3 - "Reelin' In The Years"
  • Ben Folds Five - "Barrytown"
  • Billy Goodrum - "Razor Boy"
  • Hootie & The Blowfish - "Can't Find The Time To Tell You"
  • Foo Fighters - "Breakout"
  • Third Eye Blind - "Deep Inside

    Of You"

  • Pete Yorn - "Strange Condition"
  • Tom Wolfe - "Where He Can Hide"
  • Ellis Paul - "The World Ain't Slowin' Down"