Oasis's Noel Gallagher Decried For Drug Comments

Jan. 31 [8:00 EST] -- Oasis' creative lifeblood Noel Gallagher found himself under attack for his public proclamation that drug use was as normal as a morning cup of tea.

The guitarist/songwriter behind hits like "Wonderwall" (Live, QuickTime, 1MB) and "(What's The Story?) Morning Glory" (Live, QuickTime, 1MB) reportedly said, "Drugs are like getting up and having a cup of tea in the morning," in an interview for British radio, adding,

"As soon as people realize that the majority of people in this country take drugs, then we'll be better off."

According to reports, Gallagher even went as far as to claim that British Parliament has its share of cocaine and heroin addicts, a comment that sparked a heated outcry from British government. Tom Sackville, the Home Office (Interior) Minister, reportedly said, "For someone in his position to condone drug abuse is really stupid."

Another government official, conservative Tim Rathbone, told reporters that the government should "now investigate the bringing of criminal charges" against Gallagher for his comments.

Gallagher was defending Brian Harvey, the former lead singer of British pop chart-toppers East 17 who was fired after proclaiming that Ecstasy was safe. Anti-drug activists reportedly place the number of British Ecstasy users at 500,000 a week, and see Gallagher's comments as highly irresponsible.

Gallagher has already gone on the defense about his comments, and has reportedly issued a statement that said,

"If saying a few seemingly outrageous things has helped instigate an open and honest debate about drug abuse in this country, then I'm pleased."

"To say that he is helping to start an open debate is a load of crap," Paul Betts of the group Action for Drug Awareness reportedly said.