Oasis' Liam Calls Off Wedding

Feb. 10 [16:00 EST] -- When what was to be a secret ceremony turned into press outing, Oasis singer Liam Gallagher called off his wedding to girlfriend Patsy Kensit on Monday telling reporters, "I'm not getting married today... I'm in bed."

Gallagher had reportedly planned to marry Kensit at an undisclosed location on Monday, and hoped to hold a reception at a downtown London hotel afterward. However, photographers, reporters, and a handful of Oasis fans reportedly staked out the reception cite. Police were reportedly called in to set up barricades, but soon the band's records label, Creation, issued a statement saying that the wedding was off due to the intense media attention.

"Contrary to media speculation," the label said, "Liam Gallagher will not be marrying Ms. Patsy Kensit today. Obsessive and intrusive media attention has removed any dignity from what was to be a private and special occasion."

The small group of Oasis fans who had gathered in the rain

to get a glimpse of the newlyweds were rewarded for their devotion with white lilies from the reception bouquets.

According to reports, vans that had arrived at the location at 6 a.m. to deliver the lilies, champagne, and French wine were soon filled back up to return the unused beverages.

The press also reportedly congregated at Gallagher's home, and were soon dispatched by the man himself.