Noel Gallagher Weds, Then Goes Solo For Tibet

According to the Associated Press, Gallagher and Meg Matthews went the traditional Vegas wedding route on Friday, with an Elvis impersonator looking on while the two exchanged vows.

The two reportedly wed at the Little Church of the West, and yes, the couple requested that the pianist play a Beatles tune.

There was little time for a honeymoon, as Gallagher was in New York Saturday afternoon for his turn on the Tibet show stage. Gallagher has the dubious honor of following U2's set, and came on in the middle of a gray, chilly afternoon.

Armed with only a silver Les Paul and backed by two Marshall amps, Gallagher proceeded to display his talents as a singer/songwriter stripped away from the circus that often is Oasis.

"The rest of the band's stuck in traffic by the way," Gallagher jokingly told the crowd.

Working through familiar Oasis tunes like "Live Forever," "Don't Look Back In Anger," and "Wonderwall," [Live at

Tibetan Freedom Concert, 2.9MB QuickTime] the set became a sing-along that hardly made the 20,000 fans gathered miss the rest of the group anyway.

Gallagher, none too surprisingly, rolled out a Beatles cover to wrap up his set, churning out a version of "Helter Skelter" that saw Gallagher adopt a welcome snarling vocal style that the guitarist rarely displays.

We'll have more from the Tibetan Freedom Concert throughout the week, bringing you the whole story from a fan's perspective. No backstage chit-chat, no name-dropping, just a weekend's worth of music and social awareness as it really happened.