Oasis On Net Crackdown: Don't Blame Us

June 6 [16:00 EDT] -- Don't blame Oasis for the recent crackdown on fan websites devoted to the band.

Speaking after his solo turn at this weekend's Tibetan Freedom Concert, Noel Gallagher told our colleagues in MTV Latino that the band has nothing to do with the edict sent out by the official Oasis home page demanding an end to the unauthorized use of copyrighted material by unofficial sites.

"I don't own a computer. I don't wish to own a computer. I have absolutely no interest in what is going on between Sony music and the websites," Gallagher told MTV Latino. "Computers are rubbish, buy guitars, that's all I'm saying.[Quicktime 1.7 MB] It's got nothing to do with the band. I don't even read the Internet. I thought the Internet was something that fishermen use."

Approximately one month ago, a cease-and-desist e-mail went out to fan-produced websites demanding that all copyrighted images, sound files, and lyrics be removed

within 30 days. That deadline passed last week, and the band's management is now reviewing hundreds of sites for unauthorized content. While a spokesperson for the band notes that the review process will be lengthy, so far management says most sites have complied with the order.

The first e-mail dispatched by the band's official website said that Sony Music, parent company of the band's American record label (Epic), had initiated the web crackdown. However, a statement released by the band's management a few days later claimed responsibility for the cyber-sweep, saying that the move was not Sony's idea.

"They use the band's name, and then it looks like Oasis is shutting down websites. Spiderman used websites, didn't he?" Gallagher joked about his lack of Internet savvy. "I have no interest in that at all. It's between our record company and whoever it is that's doing this. It's got nothing to do with us at all."