Noel Gallagher Talks About His Vegas Wedding

June 10 [10:00 EDT] -- While he and his fiancé had been planning it for some time, Noel Gallagher says that his decision to stage a Vegas wedding last Thursday was a spur of the moment one.

"We been planning it for months, but we can't do anything in England with the press, so we waited until we came to the states. "It was a spontaneous thing to have Elvis there, but, we planned it for a while, really." [600k QuickTime] Gallagher told MTV News after his solo set at Saturday's Tibetan Freedom Concert (for more on Gallagher's performance, see "Noel Gallagher Weds, Then Plays For Tibet" from June 9).

The Oasis guitarist/songwriter confirmed that he and longtime girlfriend Meg Matthews tied the knot, and that in true Vegas style, an incarnation of Elvis was on hand to serenade the newlyweds.

"He sang us 'Love Me Tender,' 'Falling In Love With You' and he finished off with a rousing

chorus of 'Viva Las Vegas,'" Gallagher said.

In addition to the makeshift Presley, other guests included Noel's mother, and the bride parents. Noel's younger brother (and Oasis frontman) Liam was not in attendance.