Noel's Pad Nearly Nicked

September 24 [7:55 EDT] -- Noel Gallagher's house in north London is well marked as belonging to the rock star, much to the delight of fans and photographers -- and now, it seems, burglars.

According reports in London's Daily Mirror and the PA wire service, intruders made an apparently unsuccessful attempt to break into the pricey three-story townhouse Sunday night, which hosts a stained glass sign over the door reading Supernova Heights.

Both Gallagher, on a tour of England but off that night, and his wife, Meg, an executive at Creation,the band's record company, were out celebrating Liam's 25th birthday. The wannabee thieves triggered an alarm and promptly fled the scene, most likely empty handed. Police refused to comment on whether anything was taken in the brief time allotted nor would they speculate whether the intruders were there as fans or profiteers.

Gallagher's countrymen got a good snicker over the rock star's near misfortune. In a magazine interview

last year, Gallagher had happily admitted to having "burgled houses and nicked car stereos" in his past. A recent book on the Gallagher brothers also revealed that in his early teens, Noel had been caught by the law twice, once for stealing from a sweet shop run by two old ladies and once for breaking into a house and scoffing a watch and a Walkman.