Oasis' Liam Gallagher Doesn't Do Dublin

December 5 [17:45 EDT] -- Liam Gallagher pulled out of the band's show in Dublin Thursday night at the last minute supposedly because of a throat infection says Britain's New Musical Express, and nobody seemed to care.

Ticket holders were offered full refunds before the show began, but only 30 of the 9000-odd fans in attendance chose to do so.

Noel Gallagher, as is usual in these cases, took over the lead chores. Liam pulled a similar move last year when he walked out on MTV's Oasis Unplugged concert leaving Noel to man the mic. Few people seemed to care-or even notice-then, too. The network aired the concert, sans Liam. At least one major New York paper reviewed the show without even mentioning his absence.

In the Dublin incident, the band was already soundchecking when Noel was informed his brother would not be appearing. The singer had preformed at the first of three shows in that city the previous night, and according to NME, he was in fine voice. It's

not known if Liam will perform at the final Dublin show Friday night.