Oasis Covers Stones, Wants Wonder Wall, Needs Licenses

December 5 [12:00 EDT] -- Oasis is keeping plenty busy these days.

The band from Manchester have covered the 1968 Rolling Stones classic, "Street Fighting Man," as one of several B-sides for its UK single, "All Around The World." The B-sides will be available in the U.S. as an import on January 12.

On December 14 at 11 p.m. EDT, MTV will broadcast "Oasis: All Around The World Live." The live show will be performed at the G-Mex exhibition center in Manchester, England. On January 8, the Gallagher brothers and company kick off their U.S. tour, with Cornershop as their opening act.

Speaking of venues, Oasis has apparently stirred up the local residents of West London, where Earls Court is found. According to a report from the BBC, the Kensington and Chelsea City Council have approved proposals that make it more difficult for bands to play the venue. Reportedly it was Oasis who set this civic policy into motion when fans at one of the band's shows were "weeing in the

street, throwing cans and bottles and jumping on cars."

New legislation states that bands looking to perform at Earls Court must now give detailed information about what kind of people attend their shows. The council then decides if local residents should be consulted, and the application goes to the license committee for approval where residents can voice their concerns. The BBC also states that where Oasis is concerned, their application will automatically go straight to the license committee.

Councillor Mary Weale told the BBC, "people should not have to see their environment despoiled by these louts, and under these new arrangements, I'm sure they won't."

No comment yet from the Oasis camp.

Speaking of camps, Noel Gallagher wants to create one of his own. According to a report from PA News, the thirty-year-old songwriter has submitted an application to the Camden Council to put a six-foot gate at the entrance of his home in the neighborhood of St.

John's Wood. The gate in front of Supernova Heights would provide Noel and his wife Meg with more privacy from peering fans.