Oasis Takes Flight, Lands In Trouble

Reports say that angry passengers have complained of food fights, brawling, loud sing-alongs, smoking, foul language, obscenity, staff (and passenger) abuse, and other offences during the eight-hour trip. Some said that members appeared inebriated before they even boarded the plane.

The band's denial was as abusive as their alleged behavior. The "Daily Mirror" in London says that Liam Gallagher told reporters, "I didn't throw anything. I don't know what they're talking about. Some panhead told me to shut up - some panhead who needs stabbing through the head with a f****** pick axe."

Meanwhile, the AAP reports that Noel Gallager described his younger brother as having 24-hour turbulence in his head in an Australian TV interview. He told the interviewer that Liam was a good singer and he's one of the nicest guys he's ever known when he wants to be. "But when he wants to be a twat," said the elder Gallagher, "there's no bigger twat on this planet than him."