Oasis' Liam Banned From Airline

Following through on a threat they made last month, Cathay Pacific Airways has reportedly banned Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher from its airline after an incident on the band's recent flight to Australia.

As we reported last month (see "Oasis Takes Flight, Lands In Trouble"), the airline contends that the band's flight from Hong Kong to Perth was a rowdy, brawl-filled spectacle, charges that the band has since vehemently denied.

"I didn't throw anything," Liam told the London "Daily Mirror" about the incident. "I don't know what they're talking about. Some panhead told me to shut up - some panhead who needs stabbing through the head with a f***ing pick axe."

According to a report from Reuters news service, the airline announced on Thursday that Liam was no longer welcome on its flights.

"Cathay Pacific has taken the decision to refuse any further carriage to Liam Gallagher and people known to have been causing

a nuisance on the flight in question," a spokesperson for the airline told Reuters.

The decision from Cathay Pacific was reportedly based in part on footage from the flight in question.

The announcement comes just after the band finished up the Australian leg of its tour and left that region to tour South America. Oasis will begin that portion of its "Be Here Now" tour in Santiago, Chile on Saturday.