Weiland Shares Pet Peeve And Oasis' Liam Comes Up

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland may get his share of criticism, but even his most ardent critics would have to agree that he can be entertaining, both onstage and off. It's not too surprising then to hear that a lack of flash is one of the singer's pet peeves.

"There are some great rock stars that are anti-rock stars, you know. At least... c'mon, if you're not even that good, at least be entertaining, you know," [100k Audio] Weiland recently told our friends in the MTV Radio Network while philosophizing about the duties of a frontman.

"The guy from Oasis (Liam Gallagher), sure he really can't perform worth a s**t. That's probably really why he stands still, because he doesn't know how to move, you know. Like one foot in front of the other doesn't compute," Weiland continued. "He's

hardly any Mick Jagger, but at least he goes out on a limb and does something really punk like spits on the stage during live TV." [380k Audio]

While he lauded Gallagher's salivary skills, he did have another beef with the singer.

"That's why it kind of pisses me off when this guy Liam brags about how many lines of cocaine he snorted," Weiland said. "It's like, c'mon man, go get a real habit." [165k Audio]

Weiland will flaunt his frontman skills as part of this year's HFStival in Washington on May 16 (see "Wyclef, Weiland, B-52s Sign On For HFStival").