Noel Gallagher Denies He's "Cuban Boy", Liam Settles Suit

Creation Records has put the kibosh on widespread Internet rumors that a dance track called "Cuban Boy" making the rounds in England is really Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller. "I talked to Noel and he says it's complete and utter rubbish," says a Creation spokesperson.

Meanwhile Liam Gallagher has reportedly coughed up a settlement worth around $100,000 to a fan he allegedly head-butted in Australia according to a report from England's PA News. The 21-year old Englishman, Ben Jones, had approached Gallagher outside the band's hotel in Brisbane and asked to take a photo of the singer. Gallagher allegedly beckoned Jones closer, then smashed the fan's nose with his head.

Jones suffered a broken nose and Gallagher was subsequently charged with assault causing bodily harm. The criminal charges were dropped in Australian in order for them to pursue a civil case at home in England.

In other Oasis news, Creation has recently caused a fuss in the retail records arena

by announcing that they'll be putting the entire Oasis catalogue on sale over the Internet later this year at prices that may well undercut stores. The label also expects to also make available product from their entire roster including Super Furry Animals, Bernard Butler and Ronnie Spector.

And finally, Creation has confirmed that the B-Sides album from Oasis will be titled "Masterplan" and is scheduled for a world wide release on November 2.