Liam Gallagher Cuts Solo Jam, Plans Movie Debut

Oasis voicebox Liam Gallagher is making his solo debut with a track on "Fire And Skill," a pending tribute album to British trio the Jam.

The LP will also feature a cut by Gallagher's brother Noel, as well as tracks by the Beastie Boys, Garbage, Buffalo Tom, Ben Harper, Everything But The Girl, Gene, and even the Jam's frontman, Paul Weller, among others.

Liam's track was recorded with Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Steve Cradock and is a version of the Jam's "Carnation." It's being released in the U.K. as a double A-side single partnered with Buffalo Tom's rendition of "Going Underground."

As for the other contributions, Noel Gallagher has recorded the song "To Be Someone," and the Beastie Boys have offered up "Start!" Garbage has netted "The Butterfly Collector," and Gene has recorded "Town Called Malice." Everything But The Girl has covered "English Rose," while Ben Harper's contribution is one the Jam's earlier singles, "The Modern World." The Jam's leader

Paul Weller has contributed a reworking of "No One In The World" as the CD's uncredited last track.

The Jam was one of Britain's most prominent punk-era bands, with a career that spanned from 1977 through to 1982, at which point guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Weller left the trio to form the poppier, polished Style Council before eventually going solo.

"Fire and Skill" is scheduled to come out November 1 in England, with the single targeted for October 11. A spokesperson at Epic, the U.S. label, tells MTV News that the American date is still to be determined, but the company is attempting to schedule it for a pre-Christmas release, hopefully to coincide with the British date. Failing that, the record will be out early in the new year.

The tribute isn't the only Oasis diversion in the works for Liam Gallagher, as he's making plans to debut on the big screen. According to reports in the British press, Gallagher and his wife, actress Patsy Kensit, have agreed to appear

in an as-yet-untitled psychological thriller by director Allison Anders ("Gas Food Lodging" and the upcoming "Sugar Town"). Former Duran Duran bassist John Taylor is also said to be taking part in the project, which is still in the development stage.

The couple will be otherwise occupied for the foreseeable future, as Kensit is due to give birth to the couple's first child this fall, and Liam will be tied up promoting the new Oasis record, which is due early in the year 2000.