Travis Talks About Landing Oasis Tour

Travis has just wrapped up a short promo tour of the U.S. that saw the Glaswegian band play to sold out audiences in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and now the group will return to the U.S. in April to open for Oasis.

The April dates will also help Travis promote the U.S. release of its second album, "The Man Who," a record that has already sold more than two million copies in the U.K. and Europe alone.

Opening for their friends in Oasis will be a familiar task for Travis, who was also on board for the West Coast leg of that group's "Be Here Now" tour back in 1997. (Another one of Noel Gallagher's faves, Cornershop, opened for Oasis on the East Coast.)

Of course, Oasis now has quite a different lineup from the last time Travis traveled with them, as the Gallagher brothers have added a new bassist and a new rhythm guitarist into the band's fold (see "Oasis Discusses New Members, Shoots Second Video").

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recently caught up with Travis during its whirlwind tour of the States and asked the band about what it was hoping to see from the Gallaghers and the refurbished Oasis during the upcoming U.S. dates.

"I think the one thing that's a problem about Oasis," offered frontman Fran Healy, "and the difference between Oasis and Travis is that always the dynamics came from [just] those two members of the band. And the other guys kind of stood still.

"But you've got the energy and the passion that's there between the two brothers," Healy continued, "so that'll never leave them. If one of those two people left Oasis, that would be the end of Oasis. Like Michael Stipe said that thing when the drummer left..."

"Bill Berry," interjected bassist Dougie Payne.

"He said, 'A three-legged dog is still a dog,'" Healy offered, "and that's true, you know?" [RealVideo]

The first American single from "The Man Who" will be the track "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" [RealAudio] which is due to be released to radio next month. "The Man Who" will arrive in stores on April 11.

Here's where you can catch Travis opening for Oasis:

  • 4/5 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
  • 4/6 - Portland, OR @ Schnitzer Auditorium
  • 4/8 - San Francisco, CA @ Berkeley Community Theatre
  • 4/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Amphitheatre
  • 4/15 - Minneapolis, MN @ State Theatre
  • 4/16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Riverside Theatre
  • 4/18 - Chicago, IL @ Theatre
  • 4/20 - Detroit, MI @ State Theatre
  • 4/21 - Cleveland/Akron, OH @ E J Thomas Hall
  • 4/22 - Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Center
  • 4/25 - Pittsburgh, PA @

    A.J. Palumbo Center

  • 4/26 - Philadelphia, PA @ Tower Theater
  • 4/27 - Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theater
  • 4/29 - Toronto, ON @ Maple Leaf Gardens
  • 5/1 - New York, NY Radio City Music Hall
  • 5/3 - Fairfax, VA Patriot Center
  • 5/4 - Charlotte, NC @ Ovens Auditorium
  • 5/5 - Atlanta, GA @ Music Midtown Festival
  • 5/8 - Mexico City, MX @ Sports Palace