Noel Gallagher Offers Guide To New Oasis LP

Oasis returns to store shelves in Europe and America this week with "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants," the Manchester band's long-waited fourth studio album and its first since 1997's "Be Here Now."

For the new record, Oasis chose to follow the sonic blueprint laid out on the "Be Here Now" cut "D'You Know What I Mean" and incorporated the kind of layered beats and sampled rhythm tracks that one would expect to hear on an album from Garbage.

Despite the amount of time the band spent in the studio perfecting the LP, Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher recently told MTV News that he wasn't necessarily thrilled with all the songs that made the final cut.

"Although saying that, that [song's] probably gonna be some people's favorite song. It's a bit sort of like AC/DC, really. Which is cool. But yeah, feel free to skip it, because track ten ['Roll It Over'] is blindin'." [RealAudio]

Noel and the rest

of Oasis will kick off a world tour to support "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" on February 29 in Yokohama, Japan. The North American leg of the tour starts on April 5 in Seattle and continues through a May 8 date in Mexico City (see "Oasis Tours North America in April").

"Go Let It Out," the first single from "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants," is currently number 15 on the Alternative radio chart, according to "R&R."