Promoters Support Robbie Vs. Liam Match

Although it seemed like just a joke at first, several British boxing promoters have now come forward and offered to set up a boxing match between singer Robbie Williams and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

During last week's Brit Awards in London, Williams openly challenged Liam to a televised fight for £100,000, equal to $158,000 here in the states (see "Robbie Williams, Macy Gray, Travis Honored At Brit Awards").

Reuters reports that former welterweight champion Lloyd Honeyghan and Panos Eliades, Lennox Lewis' promoter, have both said that they would agree to line up contracts to make the match happen, as long as both fighters are fit enough and agree to donate all the moneys to charity.

British oddsmakers have already made Williams a 2:1 favorite in the hypothetical match because of his weight advantage, although the British Boxing Council has indicated it wouldn't likely sanction a match between Williams and Liam

Gallagher anytime in the near future.

Williams' camp has supported the singer's call for a charity fight, while Oasis' U.K. representatives have been dismissive of Williams' pugilistic banter. Liam Gallagher has yet to publicly comment on the matter, as Oasis is currently on tour in Japan until March 17.

The bad blood between Robbie and the Gallagher brothers has been brewing in the British press for the last few months. In a recent interview with MTV News, Noel Gallagher took a swipe at Williams when discussing the video shoot for "Who Feels Love," the planned third single from "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants."

"The following video, the one we've just been doing in Death Valley for ['Who Feels Love'] is far better," Noel said. "Because it's in the desert and it involves a lot of walking about. And even Robbie Williams could look cool walking around in the desert, I think. Or maybe

not, though. He probably wouldn't." [RealVideo]

In related Oasis news, the band will shoot a video for "Where Did It All Go Wrong" a few days after playing a concert in Brussels, Belgium on March 23. Oasis will have almost a month off following the Brussels gig, returning to the road on May 19 in Madrid, Spain.

The group now plans to issue "Where Did It All Go Wrong," featuring lead vocals from Noel, as the second American single, with "Who Feels Love" now slated to be the third single.