Bono Duets With Sinead For Film Soundtrack

May 5 [12:00 EST] -- Bono will reportedly continue his creative relationship with director Wim Wenders by contributing a track to Wenders' upcoming film "The End of Violence."

The "L.A. Times" reports that a duet between Bono and Sinead O'Connor will join previously unreleased songs from Kraftwerk, Roy Orbison, and a collaboration between Michael Stipe and Vic Chestnutt on the soundtrack. While the Bono/O'Connor track reportedly features performances by other members of the band, the "Times" said it is not yet known if the song will be credited to U2 and O'Connnor or Bono and O'Connor.

You may recall that U2 contributed songs to Wenders' previous outings "Until the End of the World" and "Faraway, So Close."