Synth Pioneer Gary Numan Gets His Due

March 13 [14:00 EST] -- A mere seven years after they wrapped up, the 80s are back in a big way. Now Gary Numan is the latest icon of that decade to be revisited in a new collection from Beggar's Banquet Records called "Tubeway Army: Premier Hits."

The album, due March 25, features such pioneering synthesized ditties as "Are 'Friends' Electric," "Down In The Park" (which the Foo Fighters have covered), and, of course, "Cars."

Numan's influential early 80s work will also resurface on "Random," a tribute album featuring takes on Numan songs by Bis, Magnetic Fields, The Orb, Pop Will Eat Itself, St. Etienne, and Jesus Jones. The tribute should turn up on May 20.

For those who either weren't around or weren't paying attention in the early 80s, Gary Numan built a sound from buzzing synthesizers and clacking drum machines that has influenced artists from Kraftwerk to David Bowie to Nine Inch Nails to The Rentals.