Nugent Cleared On Game Reserve Charges

Jaunuary 7 [14:00 EDT] -- Ted Nugent's new year arrived on a positive legal note as the state of Michigan dropped its charge that the guitarist had inaccurately reported the number of deer on his game preserve.

As we first reported on New Year's Eve, lawyers for the Nuge were due in court on Monday after Michigan prosecutors charged that Nugent violated state game regulations.

According to a statement issued by Nugent's camp, the guitarist was cleared of those charges at Monday's court date.

"The only thing we were in violation of was a minor paperwork misunderstanding," Nugent said of the whole experience in a written statement.

In fact, Nugent's spokespeople point out that some 100 Michigan residents received the very same citation from the state.

And in case you were wondering, the noted outdoorsman spent the holiday season on a ranch in Texas staging his first annual "HuntBash" at which Nugent says, "We barbecued, hunted, went horseback riding

and shot off fireworks with 36 glowing Americans."