Ted Nugent Jumps Into The Jerky Game TV

When you think of Ted Nugent, you think of spiced meat... at least that's the idea behind Nugent's latest endeavor, a move into the world of beef jerky.

The Motor City Madman-turned-hunting enthusiast and talk radio figure is currently marketing a line of dried meat dubbed "Gonzo Meat Biltong." The "Biltong" (which may or may not be an aboriginal name for dried and preserved meat) is available in Original Beef, Barbecue Beef, and Flamethrower flavors, with each package featuring a photo of Nuge astride an American buffalo and his personal pledge, "I testdrive all meat."

Nugent gives consumers a lesson in the grand and storied history of jerky on the back of each package as well, noting that, "Mankind has survived on meat. Throughout the Old World, sundried and smoked flesh sustained the survivors."

For now, Nuge's Biltong is only available at AMOCO stores in South Eastern Michigan, at Ted Nugent dealers across the country, or by calling 888-5-BILTONG, but

Nugent at his partners at the Double-D Meat Company hope to increase their distribution soon.

As we first reported earlier this month (see "Ted Nugent To Bring Motor City Madness To TV"), Nugent is also hoping to parlay his career as a noted talk radio host into a television series. He is currently in talks with various syndicators, networks, and assorted big wigs about mounting his own current events-oriented talk show.