Noreaga Free After Turning Himself In To Pennsylvania Police

While his partner Capone is due to be released from prison by year's end, rapper Noreaga could take his place.

Noreaga, who was embroiled in a post-show melee on August 29 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was arraigned late Tuesday after turning himself in to police in the Pennsylvania town. The rapper was charged in Dauphin County Court with aggravated assault, and was released on $25,000 bail. The rapper, who said only "Thank you" during the proceedings, will face his next court date in the matter on September 18.

Since the incident at Harrisburg's Zembo Mosque in which Noreaga is accused of beating up a teenage fan, the rapper had continued to perform and record making him, technically, a fugitive.

Harrisburg police say if convicted, Noreaga could face up to 20 years in prison, though they doubt that such a sentence would be likely.