No Doubt, Pennywise, Help Out A Friend

Jan. 10 [18:00 EST] -- No Doubt helped out in a big way Saturday by adding their drawing power to "Enough Already," a benefit concert for the 19-month-old son of late Sublime singer Brad Nowell, and for the Musicians Assistance Program (which helps musicians battle drug problems).

Pennywise, Voodoo Glowskulls, the Vandals, and the Ziggens also turned up at the Hollywood Palladium to help the cause, which reportedly raised $20,000 for the Jakob Nowell Scholarship Fund and $20,000 for M.A.P. The money for Jakob, whose father died last May from a heroin overdose, will reside in a bank account for 16 years until Jakob needs it for college.

Despite Nowell's tragic story, the affair had a distinctly light-hearted punk feel. The close knit group of Long Beach area bands on the bill mingled freely with each other, creating a loose, friendly atmosphere that came through in the night's music.