It's No Doubt, Not The Gwen Stefani Experience

Jan. 17 [8:00 EST] -- When your highly successful band is fronted by a cute blonde, as is the case with the veteran ska collective No Doubt, the boys in the background can easily find themselves starved for press attention.

Gwen Stefani is the singer, of course, and her bandmates guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal, and drummer Adrian Young deserve to be heard as well.

With their Tragic Kingdom album poised atop the Billboard chart for the sixth week in a row, the band is understandably psyched. However, the last year has brought plenty of tension within the group. While Stefani arose as a pop culture icon, the other band members felt a little left out, an issue they address in the video for "Don't Speak."

"The video speaks volumes about what bands can go through," Kanal told MTV News. "That whole situation was something that we dealt with for a year but we're kinda past it at this point. We've kinda like moved away from it, and we're concentrating on the

future, and things that are important to us right now."

However, when No Doubt jumped in front of the camera again for the video for "Excuse Me Mr.," the band addressed the topic again, but in a more light-hearted way.

"The song is just your basic love song, and we wanted to give it a little more depth with the video," Stefani said. "Basically the whole thing is about me trying to get attention, and like hogging the camera."

The "Excuse Me, Mr." clip will debut on MTV this Sunday, at 6 a.m., and 5 and 9 p.m. No Doubt will then take their notoriously energetic show ("Spiderwebs" live, QuickTime, 800k) on the road when they launch another U.S. tour in April.