No Doubt Fans Meet The Band

In happier news, show-biz styles and stars may change, but fans remain pretty much the same, it seems. They're consumers who really care, and without them... well, there wouldn't be any stars.

We met four true-blue fans of the band "No Doubt" in Portland, Oregon, recently, and accompanied them to a local concert by the group. Then we all went backstage -- fan heaven.

LORNA: Oh God. I'm so excited.

KRISTY: I really like their style and their sound. And Gwen -- she's really cool.

ANGIE: She's herself. She doesn't try to impress anybody.

TARA: They don't have big heads at all. And I'm wondering how they accomplish that.


GIRLS: No Doubt!

KRISTY: It would be such an honor to meet them... I would probably freak out.

LORNA: Gwen is kind of like a role model for us because she is such a strong woman. That would be cool to meet her.

GWEN STEFANI, Vocals, No Doubt: When it first happens,

someone recognizes you, you know. Me and Tony were in Kinko's making our flyers and someone that works there goes, you know, while they're like Xeroxing them for you, "Oh, yeah. I saw you guys the other night. You were pretty good." We're like, "Woah!"

TONY KANAL, Bass, No Doubt: It's much different for myself, Tom, and Adrian than it is with Gwen... people picking up on the style and fashion sense and all that kind of stuff.

ADRIAN YOUNG, Drums, No Doubt: It's amazing to watch, and be part of it. I mean, your friend is sort of this "thing."

STEFANI: "Your friend's this thing"?! (LAUGHS)

I come to the show and the all the girls look better than me and they have my old hairdo. It's like, "Remember that hairdo? Wow, maybe I should have that again. Darn it!"

As far as the girls being being kind of receptive to my clothing and that kind of thing, it's challenging. Because, as a person, you're unique and think things up and then suddenly, it becomes

a challenge to keep up with everyone.

TARA: Guys, just act normal. Say, "I really admire you, you're a very good role model for us."

KRISTY: Oh my God!

STEFANI: (TO GIRLS) Hi. I forgot my Bindy. Can I borrow one of those?

KRISTY: (TO ADRIAN) I love your hair. The purple is awesome.

GIRLS: Where do you get your clothes?

STEFANI: Everywhere. Different places. The funny part about it is that I used to be able to go shopping, but I don't have time anymore. I wear the same things everyday.

KRISTY: It's cute though!

STEFANI: Thanks!

LORNA: They were so down to earth... just like I thought they would be. She was totally cool. She answered our questions. They were really nice. It was unreal. It was like "Oh my God, I'm at a concert. I just met No Doubt. It doesn't seem real yet. I had the best time. It was the most fun I've had... ever.

In less congenial legal news, No Doubt's record company, Trauma Records, has

filed a $100 million plus suit against its distributor, Interscope Records, charging that company with fraud, extortion, and breach of contract. According to the suit, No Doubt, originally signed to Interscope, was shunted off to Trauma after the band's 1992 Interscope album failed to sell well. Now, however, with the group's most recent album having sold some 7 million copies, Interscope, according to Trauma, has decided that No Doubt was never actually re-assigned to the smaller label, and thus remains a highly profitable Interscope act.

Trauma disagrees in a really major way, and No Doubt, while not a party to this suit itself, has in the past credited Trauma with doing more for the group's career than Interscope ever had. Interscope executives have as yet had no comment on all of this. We'll keep you posted.