No Doubt Stages Three-Ring Tour

June 12 [10:00 EDT] -- The ska-pop band ["Just A Girl" Live, 750k QuickTime] No Doubt is on the road right now with a stage set designed by the people behind the new-age circus Cirque Du Soleil.

So what's No Doubt make of its new stage set?

Singer Gwen Stefani filled us in.

"It's amazing 'cause he played for us for so many years, and there's always all these barriers. Like, oh, bad monitors. And, you know, a pole in the middle. And all these obstacles, but you still do the show and you still get the point across. But to be able to have kind of the perfect situation where your set kind of reflects, your record and your art work... I think they did such an amazing job of making the set look exactly like what the Tragic Kingdom would be. [550k MB QuickTime]

No Doubt plays Antioch, Tennessee, on Friday.

Gwen will also be among the flock of celebrities handing out trophies at the

"MTV Movie Awards" on Thursday night, and Stefani's boyfriend, singer Gavin Rossdale, will be performing as well with his band, Bush.

Rossdale has apparently recovered from being hit on the nose by a bottle hurled from the audience during the band's encore at a concert in Sacramento, California, on Monday. As we reported Tuesday night, Rossdale's nose was cut, but not broken, and after a few minutes he returned to the stage to finish the show.