Brian Setzer On The Soulful Gwen Stefani

With the new Brian Setzer Orchestra album, "Dirty Boogie," currently racking up some impressively unexpected sales, the former Stray Cats frontman seems a sure fire contender for comeback artist of the year.

Setzer formed his swing orchestra years ago, long before artists such as Cherry Poppin' Daddies, the Royal Crown Revue and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy arrived on the scene to capitalize on the new pop swing revival.

The re-emergence of swing closely mirrors the sudden rise of last year's "hot" genre, ska, and on "Dirty Boogie" Setzer actually bridged the gap between the two rave-up styles by asking No Doubt's Gwen Stefani to sing on a cover of the old Elvis Presley-Ann Margret tune, "You're the Boss."

"I didn't know her," Setzer told the MTV Radio Network about first asking Stefani about the duet, "I just knew from hearing her records that she had a great voice. I didn't know if we'd click or not, so I called her and she said, 'yeah, I'd love to give it a try.'"

"[Gwen's] got the voice to really sing a ballad," Setzer said, "and to sing a song like a Billie Holiday, you know with the flower in her hair and the whole thing. She's great." [600k QuickTime]

The Brian Setzer Orchestra will bring its jump, jive and wailin' musical revue to Denver's Paramount Theater on August 2.