No Doubt Plans Release Date, Tour For New Album

No Doubt plans to finish mixing its anticipated new album next week, and has actually lined up a release date for the effort.

The ska-pop outfit expects to have the follow-up to 1995's "Tragic Kingdom" in stores on November 16. The band also plans to tour behind the album this fall.

Speaking with MTV News earlier this year, singer Gwen Stefani promised a "more organic and classic-sounding" new album this time out (see "Gwen Stefani On No Doubt's 'New' Album, Sound"). That sound is the product of the band's union with producer Glen Ballard for the new album.

In the four years since "Tragic Kingdom"'s release, the band hasn't exactly been lying around. Stefani has recorded with Brian Setzer and Fishbone, while the band has released a live album and re-released a collection of early material. Most recently, the band kicked in the track "New" for the soundtrack to the film "Go."