No Doubt Sets Date For Trip To "Saturn"

After many hours at the drawing board, No Doubt has settled on "The Return Of Saturn" as the title for its upcoming album.

The eagerly awaited new LP is still on track for release on April 11, and the first single from the disc will come in the form of "Simple Kind Of Life." The track is expected to hit radio in early January.

The album title is a reference to the 28-year cycle of the planet's orbit and lead singer Gwen Stefani's age when some of the new songs were written.

As we reported last month, the band recently finished mixing the record, and titles such as "Bath Water," "X Girlfriend," and "Magic's In The Makeup" may turn up next to "Simple Kind Of Life" on the album's final track listing (see "No Doubt Mulls Title As New Album Hits Home Stretch").

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