Serve The Servants: Nirvana Gets Covered For New Film

Puffy doing "Smells Like Teen Spirit?"

Hey, it could happen. At least that's what producers for an upcoming film, "A Leonard Cohen Afterworld," are hoping, as plans call for the movie's soundtrack to be comprised of Nirvana songs covered by contemporary artists.

According to "Variety," New Line Cinema has picked up an option for the film, written by Scott Rosenberg, whose previous screenplay credits include "Con Air" and "Beautiful Girls."

"Afterworld," which is named after a lyric in Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea," focuses on two teenage friends who, on the weekend of Kurt Cobain's death in April 1994, use the memorial vigil in Seattle as an excuse to escape to Las Vegas.

No word yet on which artists might be contacted to participate in the project or when the film would start production, but we'll keep you posted.