Nirvana Book And Photo Exhibit To Hit England

Nirvana fans may want keep an eye on the import section of book stores in the coming weeks, while those with a lot of money to burn may want to book a trip across the drink to England.

A new book on the late legendary Seattle band, "Nirvana: Winterlong," will be released on November 23 in the U.K., in conjunction with the opening of a photo exhibit in London. Both the book and the exhibit will feature photos by Steve Gullick, who photographed the band in their pre-"Nevermind" days, and Martin Goodacre, who took the classic image of Kurt Cobain that appeared on the cover British music paper "NME" the week after Cobain's death.

In other Nirvana news, look for the band's long-awaited box to be released sometime next year (see "Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl Plan Nirvana Box Set").

Former Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic has just completed a brief stint on the Spitfire spoken word tour, which also featured the

likes of Perry Farrell and former MTV VJ Kennedy. Dave Grohl, meanwhile, has just released his third album with the Foo Fighters, "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" (see "Foo Fighters' Grohl On Guitarist's 'Painful' Departure; New Single, LP Due").

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