98 Degrees Say "I Do" To Guest Spot On "City Guys"

98 Degrees, the quartet who are currently enjoying a Top 10 single with "Because of You," will pay a visit to the set of the NBC Saturday morning comedy series, "City Guys," for a special guest performance airing this weekend, on October 24.

The episode features 98 Degrees performing the song "I Do (Cherish You)" from their upcoming album, "98 Degrees and Rising," but fans shouldn't expect to see the band launch an acting career anytime soon.

"I don't think any of us are really ready [for acting] at this point," the Degrees' Drew Lackey explained to the MTV Radio Network, "I mean, I'm sure if we took some classes in it and got schooled in it [we could do it]. But I think as of now our best foot is 98 Degrees and singing as a group, so we're gonna stick with that one."

98 Degrees will take to the web to help promote its TV appearance and its new album, which includes guest vocals from Motown icon Stevie Wonder on one track, during an online chat on Friday, October 23 at 8

p.m. EDT on NBC's TNBC web site at www.nbc.com/tnbc.