Britney Spears, 98 Degrees Discuss 1999 Plans And Resolutions

With the onset of the New Year's festivities, many people's thoughts turn to what they hope to achieve or accomplish in the upcoming 365 days, which inevitably leads to the dreaded New Year's resolution.

During recent interviews with 98 Degrees and Britney Spears, the MTV Radio Network asked the artists what they were looking forward to most in 1999, and whether they had made any vows of self-betterment yet.

"Well hopefully [we'll have] more success," said Justin of 98 Degrees on the year ahead, "and that we'll be able to take things to another level like we feel that we've done this year. We got to do a great album that we're very proud of, we got to work with a long wish list that we had, and some great producers. Working with Stevie Wonder was a dream come true and we're gonna just keep having fun, enjoying what we're doing."

"Yeah, the opportunities that we've been presented with just this year alone have been tremendous," Nick added. "And I think we'd just like to see

the ball continue to roll and just experience new and different things and really just keep building on what we've kind of started this year in '98. Push forward towards the new millennium, you know, hopefully be around for a long time and I think next year is really gonna be a big year for 98 Degrees."

Although Britney said she was probably looking forward to the release of her debut record, "Baby One More Time," the most -- she did confess a desire to spend some of 1999 working on some of her very human foibles.

"Probably [to stop] worrying so much," she said, "I worry a lot. Like, I'll be in bed at night and I'll just think of the stupidest things, I'm so paranoid. To stop worrying and to stop biting my nails. I want to quit biting my nails, too. It's a really bad habit."

Britney Spears is set to release her debut album on January 12, while 98 Degrees will travel to Europe for a short jaunt with Dru Hill before kicking off a North American tour in March.