Naughty By Nature Throws Homecoming Party For Next

Naughty By Nature's Kay-Gee threw a party this past weekend for R&B trio Next at his New Jersey home -- to help the group celebrate the multi-platinum success of its debut, "Rated Next," at the same place Next started its recording career two years earlier.

Kay-Gee helped produce the album, which was cut in his home studio and issued on the Naughty By Nature rapper's Divine Mills label, and Next says that the events of the last two years only really sinks in when they take a break from the road and return home.

"When I went home," Next's R.L. told the MTV Radio Network, "I got a truck, my own place and I looked around and thought, 'Just two years ago, I was sleeping on the floor at Kay-Gee's back house,' and we was all back there working on things, tryin' to make it happen."

"And now we're walkin' around," he continued, "we call each other on our phones, havin' phone, playin' around. It's like, now we can really take care of ourselves and our families. So, it feels really


Next has just come off the road after touring with Mary J. Blige, Usher and Boyz II Men, and recently recorded "Sex, Money & Drugs" with Big Punisher for the soundtrack to "Why Do Fools Fall in Love."