Hype Williams, Nas On Reality Of "Belly's" Surroundings

Video director Hype Williams' highly anticipated first foray into feature films, "Belly," arrives in theaters today, and stars DMX as a drug dealer, Method Man as a thuggish enforcer and Nas as DMX's occasional accomplice who's looking for a way out.

Williams, who has been hoping to bring his vision to the cinema screens for some time, and Nas talked with MTV News about the film, and both claimed that "keeping the characters real" and basing plot elements on actual people and events were crucial steps in the creative process behind "Belly."

"Meth, Nas, Taral [Hicks], and T-Boz [of TLC]," Williams said, "they were all very natural in their roles primarily because the roles were developed for them."

"I added a little bit to the story," Nas added, "putting my life experiences in the film. I didn't know they

would be in the film, because, you know, it would just be me and hype having a conversation. All of a sudden he would call me the next day and put that in the film." [28.8 RealVideo]

You can see more of the film and hear more from its cast and crew on an MTV special, "Nas, DMX, Method Man: A Belly Movie Special," which premieres on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.