'N Sync Discusses Touching Base With Fans While On Road

The sound of screaming fans filled New York City's Times Square earlier this week, when the hot pop group 'N Sync stopped by MTV's studios to perform on "Total Request."

The band, whose self-titled debut jumps to number two on the new "Billboard" album charts, has gotten use to the screaming adoration bestowed by rabid followers, but as one member of 'N Sync told MTV, the group has devised a plan that helps keep it in touch with its fans.

"What we try to do for every show," singer JC said, "[is] have 20 or 30 fans come in right before we do a show, like when it's our tour. And we'll meet and greet [people backstage] and that's, for us, the best way to stay in contact with fans, because [it's hard] when they're outside and stuff like that."

"But as far as spending time with anybody," he added, "people are

usually like, 'You have to go here,' and we're rushing [off]. So what we do before every tour, before every show is meet [fans]." [28.8 RealVideo]

'N Sync will slide into the opening-act slot on the Janet Jackson tour starting on October 14 in Baltimore.