'N Sync Jumps To Jive Records; New Album Delayed

The teen titans of 'N Sync have just signed a new distribution deal with Jive Records.

The group's manager, Johnny Wright, told MTV News on Monday that the move would likely delay the release date of 'N Sync's next album, which had been slated for November 16 by the group's former label, RCA Records.

According to Wright, "We don't want to rush the record out," and while a new single will hit radio by the end of the year, the album won't be out until early 2000.

When MTV News caught up with 'N Sync during a rehearsal for last week's MTV Video Music Awards, the group's J.C. Chasez talked about 'N Sync's new approach in recording this album.

"It's gonna have some more songs actually written by some more of the guys in the group and produced [by them] as well," J.C. told MTV News. "I think [there's] more heart in this album. I think we put a little more of ourselves into it. So we're excited

about it." [RealVideo]

The 'N Sync deal is a sweet one for Jive Records, which is already home to the group's blockbuster peers the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. One party that can't be too pleased, however, is the group's former label, which distributed 'N Sync's debut disc and Christmas album.

RCA Records, which is a unit of BMG Entertainment, issued a statement reading, "'N Sync is a BMG act and we enforce and protect our rights vigorously." In laymen's terms, that could mean legal action.

We'll keep you posted as to what happens.