'NSYNC Reveals Film Details As Lance Unveils Label

True to their word, the men of 'NSYNC turned up at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday to reveal at least a few details about the film plans the group has on the table.

Messieurs Chasez, Fatone, Kirkpatrick, Bass, and Timberlake announced that they will play fictional characters, not themselves, in a music-driven feature film that's set to begin production early next year.

The production looks to be an in-house affair, as Total Film Group and 'NSYNC's own Phat Free Productions will share responsibility for the production. The group hopes that working with the two small companies will help them avoid Hollywood's controlling, creative politics.

Speaking with MTV News' Chris Connelly last month, the group talked about those concerns as 'NSYNC's J.C. Chasez said, "So far as the movie's concerned, even with this latest album, we wanted complete creative control. We wanted it to be solely to be about what 'NSYNC is about, and when we go to do a movie, we want

to do it our way, that way it doesn't get cheesed out and it just doesn't feel it's not us and what we wanted to do."

MTV News caught up with the group as they were filming a trailer for the yet-to-be-filmed movie. 'NSYNC unveiled that trailer at a low-key party on a private Cannes beach overlooking the Mediterranean Tuesday night.

While the boy band moves into the film biz, 'NSYNC's Lance Bass apparently got the mogul bug as well. Bass staged a press conference on Monday at Nashville's Planet Hollywood to announce plans for his production company, Free Lance Entertainment, to sponsor a talent search to find new, promising country pop music artists (that's right, country music) for Bass' own record label.

"I've had the dream of having my own label for quite a while, and I was talking to my manager a few years go, and he was like, 'Go ahead and do it now while you're learning about it,'" Bass explained. "So me and my family decided to make it a family business and we started [the label]." [RealVideo]

Bass and his label then inked a deal with country singer Meredith Edwards and are now on the hunt for new additions to the roster.

"Now I'm having this talent search to help find other acts and to help new artists out there try to find deals," Bass said. "It's very hard out there to have the connections, especially when you're from cities like I am where you're not near a major city. There's so much talent out there." [RealVideo]

Bass is looking for performers 18 years of age and older, and encourages those interested to find more information online at www.getmusic.com/free_lance/.