R.E.M., Shawn Mullins, Trinket Get "Live" For Benefit

Several artists from Atlanta and Athens, including R.E.M., Drivin' N' Cryin's Kevn Kinney, Shawn Mullins, Trinket, and Guadalcanal Diary, have lent their help and some of their music to a new benefit CD entitled "Got Live (If You Want It)."

Net proceeds from the record will be donated to the AIDS Coalition of Northeast Georgia, and other acts contributing live cuts include 5/8, Deacon Brody, and the Josh Joplin Band, who recently signed to Shawn Mullins' SMG label (see "Shawn Mullins Inks Deal With Josh Joplin Band").

Most of the songs on the album were performed and recorded during the last two years on "Live Noise," a program featured on Athens-area radio station Rock 103.7.

"Got Live" was subsequently compiled by Chris Williams, the host of "Local Noise," who began to approach friends and colleagues about getting involved in the project after losing an aunt to AIDS last year.

"This CD was intended to be like the old-fashioned

mix tapes you would give to a friend," Williams said. "This is my way of sharing with others what I think is great about the local Athens and Atlanta music scene."

One song, R.E.M.'s "Country Feedback," was recorded at a Greenpeace concert held in Athens back in 1992. It was added to the disc after Williams asked R.E.M.'s representatives about possibly getting some artwork from the band.

"I approached R.E.M.'s management about trying to get Michael Stipe or Mike Mills to donate something to be used as cover art," Williams said, "but they offered a song instead. This live version of 'Country Feedback' has been my favorite R.E.M. song since I originally heard it six years ago, and when I proposed it for inclusion they agreed immediately."

"Got Live (If You Want It)" is currently available via CDNow and by special order at most major music retailers. The track listing for the album is:

  • Guadalcanal Diary - "Litany"
  • Kitty Snyder - "NY Years"
  • Dayroom - "Stranded"

  • Kevn Kinney - "Chico and Maria"
  • Shawn Mullins - "Shimmer"
  • Trinket - "Throwaway Culture"
  • Soul Miner's Daughter - "That Man They Call Diablo"
  • Deacon Brody - "No Vacancy"
  • 5/8 - "Orlando"
  • Nathan Sheppard - "Dyin' Day"
  • Josh Joplin Band - "Emptyhead"
  • Memory Dean - "Ghost"
  • Guadalcanal Diary - "Ten Minutes"
  • Kevn Kinney - "Mystery Road"
  • R.E.M. - "Country Feedback"