Mudhoney Still Standing For New Album, Tour

Mudhoney, one of the few Seattle bands to have emerged during the heyday of grunge that is still left standing, will celebrate its ten-year longevity with the release of a new album, "Tomorrow Hits Today," on September 22.

Produced by Jim Dickinson, a veteran session musician who has played keyboards for the Stones and overseen albums from Big Star and the Replacements, much of "Tomorrow Hits Today" was recorded at Pearl Jam's Litho studios in Seattle.

The bond between the two bands has remained tight throughout the years, as current Mudhoney vocalist-guitarist Mark Arm and guitarist Steve Turner were members of one of the seminal groups of the Seattle sound, Green River, along with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. Pearl Jam even wrote a song about Mudhoney bassist Matt Lukin which appeared on its 1996 album, "No Code."

In an interview with MTV News Online, Arm talked about how a spirit of financial equality helped Mudhoney survive the mid-'90s implosion

of the grunge scene.

"I think a big part of it is just the mutual respect that's in the band," Arm said, "which is also reflected in how we divide up our publishing -- which is just straight across the board. Like I don't feel it's any big deal to write lyrics, that's what the singer does. It's no more important than coming up with a really good rhythm." [350k Audio]

"We've also taken a lot of time off," he continued, "and that's something that's helped keep us going. We've really never had a 'hit,' per se, and we've never had the pressure to follow that up. That has sort of allowed us to fly below the radar and go along and do what we do."

As we previously reported (see "Spacehog, Mudhoney, Frank Black, Iggy Pop, X To Open For Pearl Jam"), Mudhoney will open for Pearl Jam during a stint of Southern

dates in early September, after which the band plans to kick-off its own tour in October.